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Embracing the furry grrl within each of us!

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To request membership, please read the "How to Join" section, below!
If you do not include an introductory email, your join request will be ignored!

 Who We Are

We're a community based on furries who like to play characters who aren't exactly in tune with our physical human bodies. While the simplest way to explain would be to say that we're males who enjoy playing female furry characters (and some of us are females who play males!), there's often as not many other reasons, and each member has her own reasons:
  • Some of us just enjoy playing a female role.
  • Some of us are curious about exploring our femininity.
  • Some of us are attention whores who love how others view us, when we're girls.
  • Some of us are transgendered or genderqueer, some are transitioning (or already have).
  • Some of us just love female clothing, things we can't wear normally.
  • Some of us may consider ourselves transvestites.
  • Some of us just wonder how the other half lives, and find this one way to explore that.
  • Some of us are actually natural-born females who like to play male characters!
  • Some of us are just mates, friends, and/or admirers of our furry grrls!
So with that in mind, please be respectful, and don't assume anything about our grrls and other members. If you have questions, feel free to ask!

 Important Notes

A few important things to note, just for clarification:
  • Despite the name of this group, females who play male furry characters are also quite welcome here! (But keep in mind, we do tend to focus more the other way.)
  • This group is not limited to transgenders! While we most certainly accept transgenders, we also have natural-born females, as well as males.
  • You do not need a fursuit to join! Fursuits are just one way of expressing our furry grrl-ness, and there are many other ways we can do so.
 What We Do

So what do we do in this community? We have fun! We post pictures of our characters and our fursuits. We talk about clothing, beauty and acting tips, dealing with overenthusiastic fanboys, and other issues specific to our unique approach to the furry fandom. And most importantly, we stick together, helping one another as we each discover our furry grrl-selves.

 How to Join

Everyone is welcome to join, but keep in mind that membership is moderated, to avoid drama, as well as to maintain a safe environment for all our grrls.

Introductory Email: In addition to adding the community to your list and watching it, please send an introductory email to furry.grrls AT gmail DOT com giving us a little information about yourself and your interest in furry grrls, so we can get to know you better.
  • Please include your LiveJournal name in your email.
  • Your intro should be at least a paragraph or two.
  • If you know someone in our group who can vouch for you, please include their LJ name.
  • Anyone under 18 should definitely have someone to vouch for them.
We'll include the body of your email in a voting post (see "Voting" below), but don't worry, we'll keep your email address private! We just want to keep this community a safe place for all. ^.^

If you do not include an introductory email, your join request will be ignored!

Minors (under 18): While not specifically an adult community, on occasion adult concepts may be discussed. For this reason, we ask that anyone under the age of 18 please include, in your introductory email, the name of someone in our group who can vouch for you.

Friends and Fans: While self-identified furry_grrls don't necessarily need a voucher (unless under 18), we ask that friends and fans who wish to join do provide such. We just want to make sure we don't let in a bunch of fans who just want to oogle us. This community is primarily for the furry grrls themselves, and those of similar ilk, to share and discuss our experiences. Regardless, you are most certainly welcome to friend us, although please note that trolls will be banned, so you will not appear in our "watched by" list.

Voting: In general, when someone wishes to join of whom the maintainers aren't sure of, we'll put up a vote to see how the other members feel about that person and include your introductory email. Usually within one week of the voting post, depending upon the number of responses, we'll make a decision. Please be understanding if you are not accepted, as our first priority is to create a safe place for our grrls. Maybe get to know some of us a little better, and then try again! ^.^

Introductory Post: When you join, we ask that you post a little introductory post about yourself. Tell us how you found the group. Tell us when you started exploring your inner grrl-ness, or if you're a fan, why you have an interest in furry grrls. Post pictures if you like, it's all good. ^.^

 Posting Guidelines

Note that anonymous and non-member posting has been disabled, to help avoid potential problems.

Respect: Please be respectful in your posts, avoid saying bad things about other members, snappy comments, or the like. If a problem arises, please take it out of the community, or speak with the maintainers about it in private. In short, use your head, and treat others like you'd like to be treated. When in doubt, wait a moment and reread what you wrote before hitting that "submit" button.

Privacy: In general, once you've joined, you may post either normally, or set your posts friends-only, depending upon your comfort level. Friends-only posts will only be seen by members of this community. We ask that anything set friends-only be considered privileged information, so please do not share this information with others outside of the group without asking permission.

Pictures: Posting pictures of your character is perfectly fine, but make sure that you place them behind an lj-cut. As long as the first image isn't very big, it's okay to post it normally, but please put the rest behind an lj-cut. Any pictures not suitable for the general audience should always be put behind an lj-cut (and possibly set to "friends only").

PG-13 Rating: Posts should generally keep a PG-13 rating or lower. This does not mean that adult concepts cannot be discussed, but such entries should be set both friends-only and adult-concepts. Sexually explicit content is frowned upon. We grrls have a reputation to protect, after all. ;)

 Dealing with Problems

Get any group of people together, and there will occassionally be problems. Hopefully this section will help keep these problems to a minimum. Please respect these policies, and especially please respect our members. We only wish to create a safe place for ourselves.

Problems: No one here should have to be deal with being put down, harassed, or the like. We have a ZERO tolerance policy on discrimination of age, sex, gender, race, orientation, and so on. If someone says or does something that makes you feel singled out or that you find discriminatory, please, please take the matter up with them in private, or with the maintainers in private. Never post about it to the community.

Hiding/Freezing Threads: If a discussion becomes heated, or if remarks are made that become personal, please report such things to the maintainers. The maintainers will then make a determination whether to hide and/or freeze these posts, comments, or threads, and we will discuss matters with the individuals involved.

Three Strikes: Our community has a three strikes rule. In general, if a person is causing problems, we'll offer three chances. We will, of course, talk with the individual involved in order to try to improve matters. After three strikes, we'll have to move on to possibly banning the person causing trouble. Please keep in mind that, for extreme cases, we might ignore this policy.

Banning: It's unfortunately, but sometimes problems cannot be worked out, and we might be forced to remove someone from the community. We will talk with you if your words or actions are causing harm to others, to hopefully avoid having to ban. We believe people can change and grow, but we also know when enough is enough.

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