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FanBox Scam Alert

Hi grrls!

I just wanted to issue a warning. Apparently a site called FanBox sent a phishing link to the furrygrrls email address. No worries, I didn't click the link, just did some research on where the email came from and found out it's a scam.

If you get any email spam from FanBox, please delete it or report phishing on it. Sadly, it seems the site is also using some of our members usernames for this scam. Hopefully none of our members actually got caught up in this scam.

In any case, never click on random links someone sends unless you trust the site the link points to (which may not be what's shown in text if the email is using HTML).

Be safe,

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Eep! I'm a month late! I didn't realize I'd actually been accepted; I figured I'd get a message from LJ or something along those lines letting me know. I never heard, and I guess I wasn't bright enough to just check here, so I figured I'd been turned down, or people were waiting to see me make a few more posts, something along those lines...I'm sorry!

So, better late than never...hello grrls, and thank you!

I guess it's a bit silly to introduce myself, since my intro is already a few posts down...

I'm looking forward to meeting and talking with you though. If anyone would like to chat, Second Life is still the best way to find me, though I do want to correct one thing in my intro post; you won't find me around AX anymore, the drama simply grew to unbearable levels; several friends and myself have since started our own club, Serengeti, which is growing very quickly already. That's usually the best place to find me now...or just IM me of course. If you're not an SL fur, you can grab me on Yahoo messenger most of the time, Serra_Karu there as usual.
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'Cupcake' picures are up!

Here's a sneak peek at a project that has been brewing for more than 2 years!  I've always wanted a skunk costume, and last November I started making Violette DeFleurette, aka 'Cupcake'.  She's a plus-sized girl skunk and I've been working hard the last few months to try and bring her to completion.  My original goal of having her done for Morphicon will most likely have to be slid to MFF instead.  The link I'm posting will take you through the construction gallery and allow you to follow along as the project progresses.  I've posted the major build points right up through today's work, except for some experimental video viewing system.  In order to make her pupils move in every direction, I sacrificed the easy vision route and ended up buying video glasses to see if I could navigate around with that system instead.  The advantages are purity of artistic vision, as you aren't saddled with compromises to get good vision, especially in a head this large.  Another is the possibility of night vision, which this first camera does not have.  Preliminary tests walking around the apartment tells me the process works pretty well, with some small caveats:  handling objects and motion sickness.   I was able to grasp objects after I moved the camera from the top of her head to her nose, closer to my eye line.  After wearing the head for 10 minutes and successfully operating doorknobs and light switches, I found that later, after I'd taken the head off that I had a slight case of motion sickness.  Not bad, mind you, but disconcerting enough to try more tests tomorrow.  For 4 minute acts on stage it wouldn't be a problem, but a 2 hour hall walk might be.  I'll keep you posted.  Here's the link to the photo bucket gallery: